Greetings and Blessings Everyone,

The members of 6th Night and Whispering Lake Grove’s would like to announce the opening of pre-registration for the Summerland Festival 2018 August 16th-19th at Camp Clifton in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

We are looking forward to another year of excellent rituals, workshops, and vendors, as well as entertainment from our Bards and our annual auction event. Our Saturday night entertainment will be announced with additional festival details in the near future.

The theme has NOT been chosen for this event.  If you have a short bio, a topic and a brief description of a workshop you feel would benefit those attending this event, please email me the above information no later than March 31st at:

As in past years, we have only limited spots available for presenters. Presentations slots are no longer than 90 minutes so please plan your material according. If you need specialized technology for your presentation, we will do our best to accommodate within reason. We hope to have our workshops finalized no later than the beginning of April.
Register now and get in on the savings for Summerland 2018!